Site Upgrade!

Heeeeeellooooo, everyone!

I just finished upgrading the site from ComicPress to WebComic, which means some cooool things for all of our readers!

First off, you might have noticed that the navigation buttons are much larger and easier to see. Isn’t that rad?! Thanks, WebComic! In that same vein, the “Random” button is no longer located in the sidebar where no one can find it, but rather right in the navigation menus! Thanks, WebComic!

There’s now a new link when you click on “comments” for a comic, too! TRANSCRIBE! Sweet, right? Thanks, WebComic! So if you awesome readers out there want to be EVEN COOLER, you can go ahead and transcribe some of our comics for us! Thanks, Awesome Readers!

Coolest of all, however, is that in the next few months you can look forward to being able to read Mikel’s, Noah’s, or October’s galleries independent of each other as well as all together! So if you’re in a Noah mood, you can just switch to that! Want some Mikel, and just some Mikel? No problem! Depressed and pretentious? October’s gotcha covered! …soon, anyhow.

I’m still getting the archives back in order, but all of the comics should be there! If anyone notices something that’s odd or should-not-be, please email me at

I’m certain I forgot, like, twenty other things about WebComic you should probably know, but hey! I’m really tired, and that’s a hallpass. I’m so sleep deprived, I could cat a manner of time. Anyhoo, enjoy and I’ll catch ya on the backsideflipzone, duders! Lahtah!


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