what’s everyone talking about over h– OH GOOD GOD NO

I’m not sure if anyone outside of Texas has heard about THIS, but it is terrifying. Take a gander, and try not to run screaming into the streets, there are cars out there. And they don’t care about you.


I know, I know, “YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE REGULAR POSTS!”. Well, I still don’t own a scanner, so today’s comic will be up tomorrow when I can scan it. Apologies everyone!


EXPERTS AGREE: Everything is okay

Heya guys!

October here to apologize for the lack of comic yesterday. Micah is in this play you see, and it is raping him. I mean his free time.

FEAR NOT however, for Ruthe has let me know she will force him under penalty of torture to produce a comic for next week. So look forward to Wednesday (by me) and Saturday (by Micah) updates from now on! We will still be making a few comics together, so don’t be afraid of your favorite reoccurring characters disappearing. LOVE,