Help out some rad filmmakers!

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I have never thought this hard about Netflix…

So, I used to be way into movies. Still am, I suppose, but a few years ago I was actually going to art school to learn cinematography! I helped make three different feature films with Ethan Holbrook, Andrew Gingerich, and a number of other very talented people. Two of those films you can still even find around Andrew’s site, (Wholesale Souls, Inc. & 16 Heads and Counting).
Anyhoo, I take movies pretty seriously, even if my professional interest in them has waned, and this article made me take a cold, hard look at my habits on Netflix Instant, and just exactly that might mean for the future of the film industry. Please take a look!


Comic finished!

…yet going to be late. I’m sick, so I can’t stay up as late as I would need to, so, it’ll post at some point today! Promise. I just need to clean it up, it’s otherwise done. ;* love,