Comic finished!

…yet going to be late. I’m sick, so I can’t stay up as late as I would need to, so, it’ll post at some point today! Promise. I just need to clean it up, it’s otherwise done. ;* love,

Super Happy-Time Awesome News Power Post!

Hiya everyone! October here.
So, Tea Time! has been run by Mikhail and I for a good almost two years now. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve stared blankly at the screen. We’ve wondered just what the hell was wrong with us. It has been great.
Now, however, all of that is going to change…


Mikhail and I recently approached our good friend, Noah Besser, about joining our site. This of course violated several restraining orders, but I mean, whatever. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Noah is the awesome force behind Parker St., an almost animated public access television show. It might show up on the site at some point in the future! In the mean time, Noah will be making some delightful little comics for everyone starting in the next few weeks, so LOOK OUT!