I think I just beat Minecraft.

I was a few hearts away from dieing so I emptied my inventory into a chest (like a good hoarder) and went outside my haven to go kill myself. I went to the top of a mountain right as the sun was setting. Instead of trying to kill myself, I stood still and took in the beautiful sunset. Then, not moving an inch, I watched the moon rise. No monsters came out to kill me. I watched the stars pass while the moon came and went. No spiders harassed me, no skeletons shot at me, no zombies moaned and no flailing green dildos tried to explode in my presence. I watched as the simulated (square)orbs circled the ‘globe’. I was at one with nature… or not.

Did you know that this game allowed you to be Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree?

Please accept my flower and tell me if it works for you…


I just dig giant spiral strip mines until I hit bedrock, and build a tower in the center of the mine with all the extracted materials. Then move onto a new location to start over. :D:

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