Dear whiny Mass Effect 3 gamers (youknowwhoyouare),

Why do you suck so much? Did you know video games are art? Did you know that art is created by artists? So it wasn’t a full-fledged choose-your-own-adventure, with 50 different goddam endings so you could inevitably find one to your liking. No, this is a piece of art that took hundreds of people’s time and effort to produce, and as a piece of art that you purchased, you are the audience. The consumer may get to petition and change a product in other industries because they were not satisfied, but not in art, because you’re the audience: an observer to someone else’s creation. Make your own damn video game if you weren’t happy with this one.

No one petitioned David Fincher and Ridley Scott to rewrite the ending to Alien 3 because it, “[did] not provide a sense of succeeding against impossible odds”.*
No one petitioned LOST or The X-Files when they ended because they, “[did] not provide a sense of closure with regard to the universe and characters”.*
Saying that it “[did] not provide the wide range of possible outcomes that we have come to expect”* or that it “[did] not provide an explanation of events up to the ending which maintains consistency with the overall story”* are fine qualms to draw, but just because a video game disappoints you in some fashion does not mean that you get to change it. They did it that way for a reason, THEIR reason, and by saying you want it changed and you want it now, you’re taking a big steaming shit of disrespect all over the artists’ hard work.

If you tried to pull this petition shit in any other artistic community, you’d be laughed at and chided so hard your fucking ego would cull up and die from humiliation. Something like this:
“I didn’t like the ending!”
“I want you to change it!”
” I’m seri–”

Remember that you do not own the rights to the game, just because you own the game.
…and really, are you going to purchase a brand new copy of ME3 just for the two new endings thrown in? No. You already played through it. Several times. You’ll just look them up on YouTube like everyone else, and Bioware knows that too. They’re not going to do anything about your pissant complaints, so please stop polluting all of my feeds everywhere with this shit. You bastards.



*from the website itself


Art or not it’s still entertainment. These people have every right to bitch and moan and boycott or whatever. And maybe in extreme cases demand their money back (I don’t think this qualifies for that, it seems most had a good experience for most of the games).

But demanding them to change the ending seems to cross a line somewhere. like you said, people don’t demand that movie endings be changed. games shouldn’t be any different.

Then again I can see a group of fans asking nicely for additional content that fills in gaps and such.

I definitely agree with the right to boycott (though it does seem rather extreme), and the bitching, it’s the moaning that’s making me crazy. I also didn’t even consider DLC, I’m sure that’s what Bioware will do, too.Quality games aside, they still like money. :D

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