Portrait of a Lute Player

So basically, the structure of Tea Time as it is right now (at least for me) is probably going to change. I love the comics that I’ve been making, and while it’s not exactly that I have other obligations or time commitments, it’s that the comics have become sort of counter productive to that. I want to be an illustrator, and while the comics have helped that I usually make them favoring the fastest way to do so, rather than taking my time and making it really good. Tea Time has always been a place for experimenting, and I haven’t really taken that to it’s full advantage.

So, a few things:

Comics will continue, but not necessarily with a consistent style or regularity. If a comic isn’t done by the deadline but needs more time I’m going to give it as much time as it needs. Hopefully I will still be able to have something (like our lute playing friend) up each week.

I want to thank everyone again for commenting and reading and supporting us. We don’t do this for money, we do it cause we love it. And the knowledge that even one of you guys out there likes us is payment enough. I hope the quality of comics yet to come will maybe make up for the lack of consistent updates on my end.




I just finished reading Mikel’s thoughtful and heartfelt words…

…and I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, Tea Time is not going to change at all. We don’t intend to experiment. We will continue to post the same three dumb jokes again and again until it is so repetitive, safe and predictable that your zombiefied minds will have no choice but to hand over your credit card information to us. Because we at Tea Time have a commitment to making money, putting our tired old images on merchandise and making more money, and then selling those same images to Mountain Dew for a buttload of money, coke and whores; Because that is who we are and that is what we’re about.
I had a long talk with Mikel and he agrees. Not only that, but he promises never to miss a comic on his day to post. If he doesn’t have it done he will simply rehash and old comic and change a few words. He also said that ‘Noah should be recognized as the king of the universe… After all, he IS Tea Time.’ Mikel also granted me power of attorney.
So don’t fret readers. Mikel posted nothing new. We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia. And that is double-plus good.


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