Comic 303 (Graphs Rule Everything Around Me)

Another huge shout out to our own Noah “the” Besser, killin’ it in typical Noah fashion on the New York fucking Times!

Also, 300 comics you guys!

Holy jesus that is a few comics. I want to thank all you guys for commenting and maybe telling your friends about Tea Time. If you click that donate button over on the right and throw us even just 5 bucks it would make a world of difference over here at the Tea Time Comics Head Quarters. If our office gets just one more Tang Dynasty vase we will win for most Tang Dynasty vases in the neighborhood.

For real though, if you like the comic, throw some cash at us or tell a friend and we will be super-mega-ultra-stoked about it. You guys are awesome, we have something special in the pipe to celebrate (a little over) 300 comics!

Much love,


(we don’t have an office I am typing this on my cardboard box computer in an ally I’m so hungry)

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