Comic 301 (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Funny)

The internet is a terrible, terrible, terrible place.


yeah, but if you sell out and do just ONE of those viral ones resulting in cash deluge, it frees you up to do dozens of personally-meaningful, untainted-by-rank-commercialism projects… like, George Clooney and “Ocean’s Thirteen”…

just sayin…

Be George Clooney…

This comic is both funny and true. I like memes, too, but i see so many imitation stuff and re-used jokes… Yeah… People come up with new stuff, but sadly into a rage comic instead of a comic people put their effort and time in.

Last panel rules :)

Hahahaha that’s great. Me gusta :3 October, you have competition now :).

Also, just on a side note, may i put in that for bringing up the page on a mobile phone (because whne you do so, the page has to be refreshed every time), could it default to the newest comic?

You guys are awesome, thank you!
Tarrjue, I dunno what you mean about the site exactly. What doesn’t display right on the mobile version?

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