Tea Time! is a web-based comic that is blended, brewed, and served by Noah Besser, Mikhail “Mikel” Twarogowski, and Parker “October” Cagle-Smith. Like tea, it can be sweet, it can be bitter. It can be spicy, it can be depressing. Just like a good tea.

Tea Time! is 4:00PM everyday, where ever you are. We serve a different tea every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at around 4:00PM London Standard Time (GMT), and continue to serve throughout the week. October serves on Monday, Mikhail on Wednesday, and Noah Fridays.

Tea means comics.

Mikhail is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who has a tumblr of his things called coMikel, and would love for you to pay him to make you things.

Noah also does this thing called Parker Street, which is the finest black and white storyboard animation you could hope to see. Watch em why don’t you!

Parker manages Tea Time! Comics and hopes one day to be contemporary Benjamin Franklin (incomparable renaissance man), though suspects he will likely turn out more like a contemporary John Hancock (remembered for some inconsequential nonsense).


Noah: noah@teatimecomics.com

Mikel: mikhail@teatimecomics.com

Parker: october@teatimecomics.com

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